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An Interview with Jenifer McVaugh

Memorials to members and friends of the farm

The Reitlingschoefers, by Jenifer NEW

Photo by John Potter - "While I was there the statue in front commonly called the Unknown Student
faced the building, now it faces away.  Imagine this as a movie to see the cars moving on Bloor St."

John Potter "... a picture taken in Rochdale of the doors to the
17th floor ashram kitchen. Before I moved into the commune there it
had been inhabited by a group called the Indian Institute. This
picture shows the painting that was on the doors when I arrived and left
1970-1975.  I believe that the walls painted around the doors happened
after I got there. If you went through those doors you would be facing
the kitchen sink. If you could go straight on through the wall there
you would find yourself on a roof that might have 20 naked people on it
when the weather was warm and sunny."

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Rochdale College's former location, Bloor St. in Toronto